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Haiyan Sanwan Plastic Industry Co., LTD. is a building material enterprises mainly production of Hot Stamping Foil and PVC Film manufacturers, founded in 2000. Our factory is located in Haiyan city, Zhejiang province, about two hours away from Shanghai Pudong Airport and one hour away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport.

As Wall Panel PVC Lamination Film Manufacturers and PVC Wallpaper Factory, our company is mainly engaged in hot stamping foil and pvc lamination film production, which is use for pvc panel, pvc door panel, pvc marble sheet, pvc foam board WPC, MDF and so on. As the pioneer of the building decoration industry, We have good quality and many years of export experience. We serve customers in over 30 countries around the world. We supply PVC Lamination Film for Wall Panel WPC and have different size and more than thousand design. Every year we open more and more new design.

We adhere to the Customer First, Quality first and Credit-based.

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Industry knowledge

What is PVC lamination film?
PVC lamination film is a type of plastic film made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that is used for laminating onto various surfaces, such as paper, board, or other materials. It provides protection and enhancement to the surface, making it more durable, waterproof, and resistant to wear and tear. PVC lamination film can come in a variety of thicknesses, finishes, and colors, and is commonly used for packaging, labeling, and graphic arts applications. However, it is important to note that PVC is a type of plastic that may not be environmentally friendly and may contain harmful chemicals, so alternative materials may be preferred in certain applications.
WPC PVC wallpaper is a type of decorative wall covering made from a combination of wood plastic composite (WPC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). WPC is a mixture of wood fiber or flour and thermoplastic, while PVC is a synthetic plastic material. The combination of these materials creates a durable and moisture-resistant wallpaper that is easy to install and clean. It comes in a wide variety of designs and patterns, making it a popular choice for interior decoration.
What are the advantages of hot stamping foil PVC film?
Some advantages of using hot stamping foil PVC film are:
Durability: Hot stamping foil PVC film creates a long-lasting, durable finish that can withstand various environmental factors, such as UV light, heat, and moisture.
Versatility: Hot stamping foil PVC film can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including flat and curved surfaces, giving designers more flexibility in their projects.
Cost-effectiveness: Hot stamping foil PVC film is a cost-effective solution for adding visual appeal to products, as it eliminates the need for more expensive decorating methods.
Customization: Hot stamping foil PVC film can be customized with a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns, allowing businesses to create unique branding and packaging solutions.
Efficiency: Hot stamping foil PVC film is a fast and efficient decorating method that can produce high-quality results in a short amount of time.
When choosing hot stamping foil PVC film, consider the following factors:
Application Surface: Consider the surface to which the foil will be applied. Some hot stamping foils may not adhere well to certain surfaces or may require special adhesives or primers.
Color and Design: Choose a color and design that will enhance the aesthetics of the product or packaging. Consider whether the design is suitable for the target audience and whether it reflects the brand or product message.
Foil Type: Choose a hot stamping foil that is compatible with the stamping machine being used. Foils are available in various types, including metallic, holographic, and pigment foils.
Quality: Consider the quality of the hot stamping foil PVC film. High-quality foils will produce consistent and durable results and will be less likely to cause production problems, such as peeling or flaking.
Cost: Finally, consider the cost of the hot stamping foil PVC film. The cost will vary depending on the type, quality, and quantity of the foil. Choose a foil that meets your needs and budget.

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