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Haiyan Sanwan Plastic Industry Co., LTD. is a building material enterprises mainly production of Hot Stamping Foil and PVC Film manufacturers, founded in 2000. Our factory is located in Haiyan city, Zhejiang province, about two hours away from Shanghai Pudong Airport and one hour away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport.

As Wholesale 300mm hot stamping foil Manufacturers and OEM 300mm hot stamping foil Factory, our company is mainly engaged in hot stamping foil and pvc lamination film production, which is use for pvc panel, pvc door panel, pvc marble sheet, pvc foam board WPC, MDF and so on. As the pioneer of the building decoration industry, We have good quality and many years of export experience. We serve customers in over 30 countries around the world. We supply Wholesale 300mm hot stamping foil and have different size and more than thousand design. Every year we open more and more new design.

We adhere to the Customer First, Quality first and Credit-based.

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Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge of 300mm hot stamping foil
Hot stamping foil is a decorative material that is applied to a variety of surfaces using heat and pressure. The 300mm specification likely refers to the width of the foil, which is a common size used in the industry. Hot stamping foils come in a variety of colors and finishes, including metallic, holographic, and matte. They are commonly used in the printing and packaging industries to add visual interest and branding to products. The application process typically involves a hot stamping machine, which applies the foil to the surface using a heated die or plate.
What are the advantages of 300mm film semi PET hot stamping foil?
Some potential advantages of using 300mm film semi PET hot stamping foil include:
Good adhesion: The semi PET material can adhere well to a variety of substrates, which can result in a more durable and long-lasting print.
Versatility: 300mm film size allows for flexibility in its usage in various printing machines.
Heat resistance: Hot stamping foil is designed to withstand high temperatures during the printing process, making it suitable for use with heat-sensitive materials like plastics.
Aesthetic appeal: Hot stamping foil can create a high-quality, metallic finish that can enhance the visual appeal of a product.
Cost-effective: Semi PET hot stamping foil may be more cost-effective compared to other options, such as pure PET foils.
What is the purpose of pvc stretch glass decoration film?
The purpose of PVC stretch glass decoration film is to provide a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of glass surfaces by adding various decorative patterns, colors, and textures. It is commonly used for privacy, aesthetic, or branding purposes in both residential and commercial settings. The film can be easily applied to glass surfaces and can be removed or replaced without damaging the underlying glass.
When choosing a PVC stretch glass decoration film, consider the following factors:
Transparency: Choose a film with the level of transparency you desire. Some films are clear, while others have a frosted or tinted appearance.
Thickness: Choose a film with the appropriate thickness for your application. Thicker films are more durable and can withstand more wear and tear.
Stretchability: Choose a film with the appropriate level of stretchability for your needs. Some films are more stretchy than others, which can be useful for wrapping around complex shapes.
Adhesive quality: Choose a film with a strong adhesive that can securely bond to the surface you're applying it to.
UV resistance: Choose a film that has UV resistance if it will be exposed to direct sunlight, to prevent it from yellowing or fading over time.
Pattern/design: Choose a film with a pattern or design that fits your aesthetic preferences.
Consider your specific application and requirements when making your selection. It may also be helpful to consult with a professional or supplier for further guidance.

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