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Haiyan Sanwan Plastic Industry Co., LTD. is a building material enterprises mainly production of Hot Stamping Foil and PVC Film manufacturers, founded in 2000. Our factory is located in Haiyan city, Zhejiang province, about two hours away from Shanghai Pudong Airport and one hour away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport.

As Wholesale Decorative Door Films Manufacturers and OEM PET Hot Stamping Foil Door Films Factory, our company is mainly engaged in hot stamping foil and pvc lamination film production, which is use for pvc panel, pvc door panel, pvc marble sheet, pvc foam board WPC, MDF and so on. As the pioneer of the building decoration industry, We have good quality and many years of export experience. We serve customers in over 30 countries around the world. We supply Wholesale PET Hot Stamping Foil Door Films and have different size and more than thousand design. Every year we open more and more new design.

We adhere to the Customer First, Quality first and Credit-based.

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Industry knowledge
Decorative PET hot stamping foil door films refer to the thin and flexible sheets of PET material that are used for the hot stamping process to create decorative effects on doors. These films are designed to be applied to the surface of doors using heat and pressure, which activates the adhesive on the back of the film, allowing it to bond to the door surface. The films are available in various colors, patterns, and textures, and can be used to create different decorative effects on doors. They are also durable and resistant to scratches and other forms of wear, making them a popular choice for decorating and refurbishing doors.
Decorative PET hot stamping foil door films offer several advantages, including:
Cost-effective alternative to traditional door finishes like paint, laminates or veneers.
Easy to apply and can be installed without special tools or equipment.
Can be customized to match any design preference, including woodgrain, metallic, and abstract patterns.
Highly durable and resistant to scratches, moisture and UV radiation, which means they last longer than traditional finishes.
Easy to clean and maintain with just soap and water, and less prone to stains and discoloration than traditional finishes.
Can be applied to various types of doors, such as wood, metal and PVC.
Environmentally friendly, as they are recyclable, non-toxic and do not contain harmful substances.
Protect the underlying surface from damage and wear, therefore, extend the life of the door.
When choosing decorative PET hot stamping foil door films, consider the following factors:
Durability: Look for a door film that is highly durable and scratch-resistant, as this will ensure that the film looks good for a long time.
Design and color: Choose a film that matches the design style and color scheme of the room where the door is installed.
Texture: Consider the texture of the film to ensure that it gives the desired visual and tactile effect.
Size: Measure the door to determine the size of the film required.
Installation process: Check the installation process of the film to ensure that it can be easily installed and will not require special tools or skills.
Brand and quality: Look for high-quality brands with good customer reviews to ensure that you get a quality product.
Price: Compare the prices of different brands and choose a film that offers a good balance of price and quality.
By considering these factors, you can choose a decorative PET hot stamping foil door film that meets your requirements and enhances the look of your doors.
PVC vinyl heat transfer protective in rolls cladding for wooden door film is a type of self-adhesive film that is designed to protect and enhance the appearance of wooden doors. The film is made of PVC vinyl and is available in rolls that can be easily cut to fit the dimensions of the door.
The film is applied using heat transfer technology, which allows it to conform to the shape of the door and create a seamless finish. The film is also designed to be durable and scratch-resistant, which helps to protect the door from damage and wear.
This type of film is an excellent option for those who want to update the look of their wooden doors without the expense of replacing them. The film is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing you to customize the appearance of the door to match your design preferences. The film is also easy to install and can be removed without damaging the door, making it a convenient and practical solution for protecting and enhancing the appearance of wooden doors.

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