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Where can PVC wood grain decorative sticker imitation marble wallpaper be pasted?

The wood grain film has its own adhesive backing, which is highly tolerant to the treatment of the base layer. It is suitable for a variety of base layers and can be widely used in various public facilities, hospitals, hotels, schools, residential buildings and vehicle interior decoration.
Due to the wide application of wood grain film, different substrates are treated in different ways. Next, we will introduce the types of substrates that can be used:
1. Wooden boards: MDF, plywood, plywood, blockboard, etc.
This kind of material is generally furniture, which can use wood grain film to change the color of tables, chairs and benches. While reducing the cost of furniture replacement, there is no formaldehyde and heavy metals, so you don’t have to worry about whether you need to move out or take measures to remove formaldehyde.
2. Inorganic board: gypsum board, calcium silicate board, mortar
Hotels, schools, public facilities and other building walls use this kind of board for renovation. It should be noted that the material of powder paste is breathable, and it is not easy to stick wood grain film. It may become hollow and fall off later, so it is best to brush the bottom Paint, which will penetrate into the interior of the board, and the chemical reaction with the back glue of the wood grain film will increase the viscosity of the wood grain film, and the firmness will be better.

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3. Metal sheet: painted steel sheet, aluminum veneer, PVC sheet, stainless steel sheet, galvanized sheet, oxidized aluminum sheet, aluminum-plastic sheet.
For indoor steel pipes, metal tables, etc., when using wood grain film to decorate the surface, pay attention to whether the surface is smooth. Metal materials are prone to dents after being bumped. Sand smooth.
4. Rough wall: latex-free paint
The same as the previous panels, as long as the surface is flat, you can directly paste the wood grain film. If it is for home use and you want to increase the service life, you can apply a primer before the film to prolong the use time.
5. Other categories: polyester board, fireproof board, (organic) glass
Other types of substrates are analyzed in detail based on specific issues. For example, glass materials are not suitable for painting primers and cannot penetrate the interior of the substrate. The construction method will also vary with different materials.