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What is the difference between pvc and pe film?

do you know? There are two main categories of packaging protective film according to the material, one is PVC raw material polyvinyl chloride, the other is PE raw material polyethylene.
So, how to distinguish between PVC and PE film? What are the characteristics of each of them? Hope the following sharing can be helpful to you.
1. Touch by hand: pe feels lubricated and soft to the touch, and the surface has a layer of wax (chemically called wax feeling), non-toxic and tasteless. Pvc is a little sticky to the touch.
2. Smell: pe is odorless; pvc has a pungent odor.
3. Combustion method: when pe burns, it will show a yellow flame and emit white smoke, paraffin-like oil drips, and emit a smell similar to burning candles; when pvc burns, it will show a black flame and emit black smoke, accompanied by a pungent odor.

4. Hand shaking method: Because the density of pvc is higher than that of pe, the hardness of pvc will be slightly higher. When shaking hands, the sound is brittle, and the quality is easy to float is pe; while the low sound is pvc.
5. Water immersion method: It also uses the density relationship to press the membrane into the water, respectively, and the one that can surface is pe, and the one that sinks to the bottom is pvc.
6. Price: The price of PVC protective film is lower, the lower the price, the larger the quantity and the higher the market share. In contrast, the PE protective film has a higher price and a smaller quantity.
7. PE is environmentally friendly and easy to degrade, and pvc has certain toxicity and is not easy to degrade.

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