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What are the pros and cons of marble film?

Many people will film to protect marble. What are the advantages and disadvantages of marble film, I will explain to you today.
Marble film benefits:
The advantage of the film is that it can protect the marble and avoid bumps and scratches on the marble.
Because marble is more afraid of sharp objects, once a heavy object or sharp object falls on the marble material, it will leave a little pit, and in serious cases, it may directly leave a large pit, which is difficult to repair.

Marble film disadvantages:
Marble is elegant and beautiful, with natural texture. After the marble is filmed, it will affect its own texture and destroy the beauty.
If you don't have the film, the marble still needs to take good care of itself. When cutting food on the marble countertop, you should use a cutting board, and you should ensure that the cutting board has enough space for the food, so that you will not accidentally cut into the marble surface around the cutting board. . In addition, marble is easily stained, so the marble countertop should be wiped immediately after use, and the surface should be kept clean at all times.

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