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What are the environment-friendly wallpapers

Now many friends like to decorate walls with wallpaper or wallpaper, which is not only economical, but also environmentally friendly and beautiful.
What are the environment-friendly wallpapers
1.Wood fiber wallpaper. Wood fiber wallpaper has the best environmental protection and air permeability, and the longest service life. It can be called the best wallpaper.
2. Pure paper wallpaper. With paper as the base material, it is printed and embossed. It is natural, comfortable, odor free, environmentally friendly and has strong air permeability. Because it is paper, it has a very good coloring effect and is suitable for dyeing various bright colors and even fine brushwork. Poor paper products may appear yellowish after a long time.

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3. PVC wallpaper. PVC wallpaper is made of PVC material, which is a kind of vinyl polymer. It is generally non-toxic and environmentally friendly. PVC resin is mainly used for wallpaper surface.
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