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The pros and cons of marble film

How about the marble film? I think it is necessary to film the marble tea table. Nowadays, many families stick film on the surface of furniture, which is actually the same film for windshield windows of cars and plays a protective role. It's the same as mobile movies. I choose to paste, and the furniture surface will look like new after changing the film. You can also replace it with a thick cushion similar to transparent plastic, which can prevent sharp and hard objects from breaking the marble table top. I hope you are satisfied with my answer.

Advantages of marble film:
The advantage of the film is that it can protect marble and avoid scratches caused by bumps. Because marble is afraid of sharp tools, once a heavy object or sharp tool falls on the marble material, it will leave a dent, which may directly leave a large dent, which is difficult to repair. If there are children, or mistakes may leave scratches on the marble table, the film can ensure no loss and protect the marble. It can also protect children's personal safety and avoid bumping.

Disadvantages of Marble Mask:
Marble is elegant and beautiful with natural texture. Marble film will affect its texture and destroy its aesthetic feeling. If you don't stick the film, the marble should be well maintained by yourself. When cutting food on the marble table, you should use a chopping board and ensure that there is enough space on the chopping board to put food, so that you won't accidentally cut the marble surface around the chopping board. In addition, marble is easy to be polluted, so it should be wiped immediately after use, and the surface should be kept clean at any time. I hope the advantages and disadvantages of the marble film mentioned above can help you. Marble film has both advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide according to the situation at that time. When choosing a marble table top, you can follow the steps described above.