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The development of hot stamping technology

In recent years, with the improvement of the processing level of hot stamping materials and hot stamping plates, as well as the use of new machinery and equipment, domestic hot stamping technology has also received some new developments. Processes such as high-speed bronzing, three-dimensional bronzing, holographic positioning bronzing, and bronzing and then printing have begun to be widely used in the production of cigarette packs.hot stamping foil

Three-dimensional bronzing: Three-dimensional bronzing technology is a composite technology that combines bronzing technology and concave-convex embossing technology. It uses corrosion or engraving technology to make bronzing and embossed graphics into a top-down matching female die gravure and positive die relief. The process of realizing hot stamping and embossing technology at one time. This process completes bronzing and embossing at the same time, reduces processing procedures and waste products that are not allowed to overprint, and improves production efficiency and product quality.
Because the product effect formed by three-dimensional bronzing is an embossed three-dimensional pattern, which can no longer be printed on it, so the process design of first printing and then hot stamping must be adopted. At the same time, due to its high precision and high quality requirements, it is not suitable for cold stamping. technical production. Three-dimensional hot stamping equipment usually has two types: flat pressing and round pressing. The round pressing method is not suitable for three-dimensional hot stamping.PVC Wallpaper for WPC
The flat pressing and three-dimensional hot stamping equipment is represented by BOBST equipment, which is developing in the direction of high speed, high precision and convenient use, and is the main type of three-dimensional hot stamping. BOBST hot stamping machine has reached a hot stamping speed of 7500 sheets/hour, and the accuracy can be maintained within 0.1 ~ 4mm. It is one of the most advanced hot stamping machines at present.
The round stamping method is usually used for in-line processing of webs. Since the round pressing is a line contact, the bubble phenomenon that may exist in the flat pressing can be completely avoided, and the speed is fast and the quality is good. However, because the bronzing plate and the bottom mold relief plate are round, the processing is difficult and the cost is high. Versions, such as cigarette packs, wine packs, health care products, etc.Marble hot stamping foil
Due to the popularity of high-end cigarettes in the form of flexible packaging, the mature post-press processing technology originally used on white cardboard has also been transferred to soft paper. The process of embossing and positioning hot stamping of soft paper is completed in one process. However, this process is technically difficult, and the precision requirements for hot stamping plates, holographic films, and hot stamping machines are particularly high, and various operating indicators are very strict. Because of this, it is difficult to be imitated and has a high degree of anti-counterfeiting.
Hologram bronzing: Laser hologram is made by using the method of spatial frequency encoding according to the principle of laser interference. Laser holograms are widely used in the field of anti-counterfeiting due to their good colors, obvious layers, vivid images, good optical transformation effects, and high information technology content.