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PVC Film For Panel

Decorative PVC film for panel is applied by a calender to a carrier plate. During the process of manufacturing the panel, the thickness of the carrier plate is varied, depending on the desired dimensional stability of the finished panel.
The PVC film has a thickness of 0.05 to 0.15 mm. This thickness ensures the dimensional stability of the panel.
The surface of the film is treated with a UV primer. The UV-curable polymer layer is arranged above the PVC film. The surface mass of the panel is between 1 and 15 g/m2. The panel is glued to the carrier plate.
The abrasion-resistant particles are especially corundum particles. Their average diameter is 30 to 60 mm. These particles provide an abrasion-resistant layer, which increases the lifetime of the panel.

Popular Design Roll Decoration Coloured PVC Film For Furniture B032
The printing ink for the decorative pattern is a solvent-based ink. This results in firm anchorage of the printing ink on the PVC film. This improves adhesion, particularly in areas where there is a limited amount of ink.
The second polymer layer can be applied in liquid form to the still wet first polymer layer. This reduces the application of fillers and primers. The curing of the polymer layers is also possible in two method steps.
The panels of the present invention are produced in a simpler and cheaper way than known. The panel includes a decorative pattern and a cured polymer layer. The decorative pattern can be any pattern. It is preferred that the decorative pattern be unicoloured.