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Putting a film on the kitchen, in addition to protecting the kitchen, what else does it do?

Most people will put film on the kitchen renovation process. Some people don't understand why the kitchen needs film. Generally speaking, people familiar with this industry will film for the kitchen. Someone asked: In addition to protecting the kitchen, what function does the film have? The first point can make the kitchen easier to clean. If the film is attached, the grease adhering to the film can be easily wiped off. Especially easy to clean and clean the kitchen hygiene. But if it is a tile, the grease sticks to it very firmly, and it is not easy to wipe, and it will make yourself more troublesome, and waste more time in the process of cleaning the kitchen.
The second point is that the tiles in the kitchen are not easy to get oily, because the film attached to the kitchen is generally oil- and waterproof, and it is not easy to fade or warp. They are highly resistant to high temperatures and can be washed if dirty. However, if the tiles in the kitchen are not filmed, they can become greasy and difficult to clean. If used for a long time, the quality and color of the tiles will suffer, resulting in the kitchen not looking so pretty.

The third point is that the kitchen film can be replaced at any time, because the process of filming is relatively simple, and you can operate it yourself at any time. After a period of time, when you feel that the film is not good-looking or you don't like it, you can replace the film yourself at any time to make the wall look brand new. Changing the color of the foil regularly can also change a person's mood. It also helps the mood while cooking. Therefore, it is recommended to use foil when renovating the kitchen.
If you have not used foil in your kitchen, you can choose your favorite foil and stick it in the kitchen, so that the kitchen can be cleaned better, the walls of the kitchen can be more beautiful, and the overall comfort of your home can be improved. . Let's put a film on the kitchen to keep the kitchen away from the erosion of oil smoke and make us feel better.
1. More environmentally friendly
2. Easy to clean and clean the kitchen
3. Waterproof and oil-proof, non-fading, non-warping, high temperature resistance, can be scrubbed when dirty, and can be directly pasted when uncovered.
4. You can also change the sticker paper as often as you like.
5. It can be attached to any smooth and flat surface such as: tiles, walls, electrical furniture, all kinds of wood, range hoods, etc.