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Is the window film good?

1. Window film has a certain blocking effect on the heat injected by sunlight, and effectively isolates high-temperature airflow from entering the indoor space. Compared with common blackout curtains, window film can effectively eliminate nearly 80% of the heat, allowing The room temperature is always suitable. In the cold winter, it will also have a certain thermal insulation effect on the space and reduce the loss of energy.
2. Most of the window film has the effect of anti-ultraviolet, which not only effectively avoids the fading problem of furniture and floor due to prolonged exposure to the sun, but also brings a protective effect to the human skin and reduces the coefficient of tanning. At the same time, the film also increases the heat resistance of the window and completely eliminates the phenomenon of indoor high temperature.
3. In home decoration, especially in summer, drawing the curtains will inevitably make the space look dull, but if the curtains are not drawn, the sun will shine directly. Window film is a good solution to this problem, not only reducing the indoor light level, but also bringing a certain degree of light transmission, making the line of sight more balanced and comfortable.

4. The biggest feature of window film actually ensures indoor safety, has a good protection effect on privacy, and does not affect the indoor and outdoor vision, but the indoor space cannot be seen from the outside. In addition, window film is also very suitable for high-rise occupants to avoid sudden breakage of windows and potential safety hazards. The film can bond broken glass together. Make your home look more beautiful and stylish. A variety of interior decorations or furniture give the building a tonal and disjointed look from the outside. The application of glass film can completely eliminate this incongruity and make the building beautiful and harmonious with the surrounding environment.
5. There are many styles and colors of window film, which make the interior decoration effect more prominent, and it is easy to coordinate with the overall style. However, the light transmittance of the film will be lower than that of the curtain products. Except for summer, it is easy to cause insufficient light transmittance in the room when used in other seasons, and it is necessary to use certain lights for auxiliary lighting.

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