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How to use PVC blister film?

There are many cabinets on the market that use PVC blister film. How is the use method and environmental performance of PVC blister film? I think most users do not know that PVC blister film is generally made of a flat cold press or suitable heat. For pressing and pasting, the curved surface uses a vacuum laminating machine. The principle is to use the pressure difference between the vacuum and the outside world to extrude, and the flat and curved surfaces of the vacuum laminating machine can be pasted.
The use of PVC plastic film is as follows:
PVC film and plain film are made of two different materials, which are suitable for hand sticking, flat sticking and vacuum suction respectively. The temperature resistance of blister materials is usually above 120 ℃. PVC veneer, commonly known as plastic veneer, is a widely used surface decoration material.
According to pattern or color, it can be divided into monochrome or wood grain, according to hardness, it can be divided into PVC film and PVC sheet, according to brightness, it can be divided into matt and high-gloss, according to veneer process, it can be divided into flat decorative film and vacuum plastic decoration Among them, PVC sheets are generally used in the vacuum blister production process, and the surfaces of desks, bathroom cabinet doors, home improvement doors, and decorative panels are often made of PVC sheets for vacuum blister veneer.
What are the main environmental performance of PVC film?
PVC wood grain decorative sheet is a kind of decorative material with a thinner material. Its main raw material is polyvinyl chloride, which has gloss. The structure of PVC film mainly has three layers, the first layer is spray paint, and the second layer is polychlorinated Vinyl, and the third layer is adhesive.
According to statistics, PVC film ranks second in the world's synthetic materials, and is developing at a continuous growth rate. PVC film is divided into soft and hard according to whether it contains softener or not. Soft PVC contains softener, which is easy to become brittle. , It is not easy to form, and the scope of application is relatively narrow. It is mainly used in the surface layer of the floor, the surface layer of the ceiling and the surface layer of the leather.
This product is not easy to cause pollution, and the storage time is relatively long. The important thing is that it has a wide range of applications, so it has many types. I hope everyone should pay attention to the distinction between colors and materials when purchasing.
Throughout the development of the blister industry, blister films have been widely used, suitable for furniture, cabinets, decorative panels, etc., both surface veneer and vacuum blister, fast processing speed, good molding, bright surface, no need After painting the surface, it has the advantages of water resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. It is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative material. In foreign countries, 40% of furniture is made of PVC as the surface material. See those natural, gorgeous and rich colors. Diverse, beautiful and elegant desks, bookshelves, sofas, kitchen cabinets, no one would have thought that it is the PVC blister film that gives them such a beautiful coat.

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