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How to stick the kitchen marble film without foaming?

1. Cutting: Cut the glass film specifications into specifications that are about 1cm larger than the surface to be veneered. This will avoid the trouble of sticking crookedly (more on one side and less on the other) and causing repeated sticking.
2. Cleaning the glass: Before sticking the cellophane, wipe the oil stains, stains and dust on the glass, and then spray enough water on the glass (adding a drop or two of dishwashing liquid is better) to the extent that it drips down. The purpose of spraying water is to temporarily reduce the viscosity of the glass film, and it will not affect the viscosity after drying.
3. Remove the back release film: After removing the release film, spray enough water on the back of the glass film (with glue), so that you can freely move back and forth on the glass during the pasting process, which is convenient for the right and suitable Location.
4. Paste: First, put the glass film on the glass, and then stick it on the upper end of the glass and align it, and paste it from top to bottom. If it is not correct at one time, it can be re-opened and pasted repeatedly (the benefit of spraying water).

5. Bubble removal: Use a scraper or IP card to scrape out water and air bubbles from the center to the surrounding, and the water and air bubbles that cannot be driven out are punctured with a needle or blade and smoothed. Until there is no moisture and air bubbles, the glass film is completely adhered to the glass.

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