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Hot Stamping Quality Control and Troubleshooting

Hot Stamping Quality Control
At present, despite the emergence of various new bronzing techniques, traditional anodized aluminum bronzing technology, as an important process in post-press processing, has not been neglected due to its unique decorative effect and mature process operation, but has been more popular among people. Much attention and preference.
The traditional hot-pressed aluminum hot stamping foil mainly uses heat and pressure to transfer the pattern or text to the surface of the hot-stamped material. To complete this process, you need a hot stamping machine, a stencil engraved with special words or patterns, the temperature required for heating, the pressure required to transfer and maintain the corresponding time. It should be noted that when hot stamping different materials, the appropriate type of anodized aluminum should be selected, and the appropriate temperature, pressure, and hot stamping time should be selected to achieve the ideal hot stamping effect.
hot stamping foil: High-quality hot stamping version is the primary factor to ensure the quality of hot stamping. At present, the production of hot stamping plates mainly adopts photographic corrosion technology and electronic engraving technology, and the materials are mostly copper plates or zinc plates. The material of the copper plate is delicate, and the surface finish and heat transfer effect are better than those of the zinc plate. The use of high-quality copper plate can improve the gloss and outline clarity of the hot stamping graphics.
The traditional photographic corrosion technology makes bronzing plates with simple process, low cost and short service life. It is mainly used for bronzing of text, thick lines and general images: for bronzing plates with finer and uneven thickness of pictures and texts, a second rot depth is required. Or use electronic engraving technology. The hot stamping plate produced by electric engraving can express rich and delicate level changes, which greatly expands the expressive ability of packaging. This process is conducive to environmental protection, but the investment in electric engraving equipment is large, and the depth of the current engraving is not ideal, which is likely to cause bronzing "paste", but its printing durability is high, and it is suitable for long-form jobs such as cigarette packs. The holographic anti-counterfeiting hot stamping plate has high technical requirements and a long plate-making cycle. It is only used for the packaging of fixed and large batches of products.