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Different industries choose different bronzing paper

Hot stamping paper is a complex process, so the surface of the hot stamping paper seems to be the same, but its quality is very different. The corresponding hot stamping paper should be correctly selected according to different hot stamping materials. First, let's analyze the structure of bronzing paper.
The first is the adhesive layer.
Different resins are used by stamping according to different substrate materials. Such as plastic stamping, you must use plastic adhesive layer suitable for hot stamping paper, PVC hot surface cloth, hot stamping paper, the adhesive layer must not be too much under pressure, aluminum layer and dye layer, can stick firmly to PVC Knot tablecloths, hot tipping paper books, must be thick layers, and good cement. Under normal conditions, one of the main phenomena without heat is that the bondline and substrate stamping are incomplete.hot stamping foil

The second layer is the applied strip width.
Wide range and good quality, small lines for text patterns or large patterns are a good peel and vice versa. Switch to full page full leather stamping, where a full page may not appear tiny blisters, all continuous release layers should be peeled off from the special layer.
Third, the better the vacuum aluminizing machine used to make the aluminized layer, the higher the metallic gloss of the bronzing paper.
Fourth, good quality bronzing paper, constant color, UV resistance, the quality of each batch of colored tipping paper is inconsistent, and the color is under the sunlight for several hours.PVC Wallpaper for WPC
Fifth, different chemicals are used in hot stamping paper for PP plastics, and the harmful components are also different. Some PP plastic bronzing paper can not meet the EU ROHS (SGS) testing standards, and some may be more stringent environmental protection requirements, children's toys and food packaging, bronzing.
Above, when choosing bronzing paper, users must choose qualified tipping paper for stamping products according to their own characteristics and requirements, instead of blindly pursuing low prices, resulting in a lot of waste or scrap.Marble hot stamping foil