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Classification and advantages and disadvantages of furniture film protection

1. Nano film: This new type of film can withstand high temperature and is generally made of high-tech PET material. The surface ceramic crystal adopts nano technology to make stains easier to remove. It is like lotus leaf and has a surface self-cleaning function, which can improve the texture of furniture and make furniture more comfortable. The texture is clearer, and it also has the characteristics of high transparency, acid resistance, high temperature resistance (220°), wear resistance, anti-corrosion, energy saving and environmental protection.
Disadvantage: After coating this expensive high-hardness nano-film, good wood will feel a little like cold glass. Second, after a long time of use, when the film needs to be replaced, the peeled film will remain glued on the desktop, and even the paint will stick off. This is more than worth the loss for expensive furniture. The third is that the air-drying time is relatively long, and it is best to carry out the coating maintenance construction in sunny days; and like the car film, it needs a secondary coating maintenance once in a year or two;

Embossed Not Self-Adhesive Unique Design PVC Film For Interior Decorative B008
2. PVC film: (old-fashioned film) furniture renovation sticker is a kind of PVC film, its advantages are relatively wear-resistant, heat-resistant and flame-retardant, acid and alkali resistance, moisture-proof, fireproof, easy to clean, cheap, and compared with natural wood , It has the characteristics of no color difference, simple construction, self-adhesive self-adhesive, and the real surface treated by furniture refurbishment stickers can be scrubbed and the surface is not easy to be dirty. The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of glue and is prone to formaldehyde pollution.
3.Panel furniture stickers: (strictly speaking, not film) polaroid paper, melamine paper, PU paper, etc.; polaroid paper stickers look like polaroid boards. The colors are rather bright. . The effect of melamine paper stickers is the same as that of computer desks on the market today. PU paper is usually used on the back of furniture boards, and it does not need to be painted, etc., and it is more scratch-resistant! . There is also a kind of solid wood grain paper, for example, it is very similar to walnut grain and pine grain. Just like the cheap composite floor imitation solid wood, it is suitable for medium and low-end furniture, so don't expect too much effect.