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Advantages and disadvantages of marble dining table film

When using a marble dining table at home, it needs good maintenance, such as film. What are the pros and cons of marble dining table film? Today I will take you all to find out.​​
The advantages of marble dining table film:
1. Avoid scratches
Marble is not as hard as artificial quartz, and is prone to scratches. Marble dining table film is beneficial to protect the marble and avoid scratches that are difficult to repair.
2. Prevent grease from infiltrating
Marble has natural lines and high density. If the film is not applied, the oil and water stains left by the dining table can easily penetrate into the interior of the marble and affect the appearance. Filming the marble can block the intrusion of these liquid stains.​​
3. Reduce noise
The marble surface is hard, and the ceramic tableware will have a harsh friction sound when taking it. After the film is applied, the formation of this noise can be avoided.
4. Easy to clean
You don't need to worry about the penetration of colored liquids after the marble dining table is filmed. When cleaning, you can directly wipe it with a damp cloth for a long time, which is more convenient to clean and take care of.​​

Disadvantages of marble table film
1. Discoloration and yellowing
After the transparent film is used for a long time, it is easy to be oxidized and yellowed, which affects the appearance.​​
2. Decrease in gloss
Marble has a smooth and tidy visual effect. After the film is applied, the brightness will definitely decrease, which will affect the visual viewing effect to a certain extent.
3. Texture is blocked
Marble is elegant and beautiful, with natural texture. After the marble is filmed, it will affect its own texture and destroy the beauty.

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